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[D] So, which direction should I go now? Which papers, in what order?

Background :- I am an undergrad just beginning my sophomore year, and have studied ML the entire past year. I understand Basic NLP, Computer Vision , Machine Learning.

I am interested in research and generally I can think of new ideas which I believe, are worth of doing research on. But , I am new to this world of research papers and learning from them . I have studied from few of them and understanding them fully made me very happy. I would like to go further into NLP. I know RNNs, LSTMs , GRUs, attention mechanism. And have read corresponding papers.

1.) Can anyone here give an “ordered” list of papers from here on ,which will move my basic knowledge ahead. Avoiding the papers that are certainly dead ends or won’t help if I am to do research further. A list that will increase my knowledge, from what I know, to the state of art; while also letting me “why people chose the architectures/techniques etc. that they did?”

2.) I want an “ordered” list , because , most of the times , I try to read a paper , after 4 pages , I end up jumping to another paper , then another , then another and so on. What do you guys do to avoid this?

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