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[D] What topics/ideas related to AI need more explaining/debunking for non-experts?

Hi all,

I am the creator of this site Skynet Today (, which is dedicated to providing accessible and informed coverage of the latest AI news and trends. Basically it’s a platform for people with expertise in AI (so researchers, engineers, etc.) to write pieces aimed at non-experts and explain concepts or clean up misunderstanding. I have been thinking to put out a call for coverage on a specific set of topics, and wonder if you all have any thoughts on what good topics might be.

Some of the ones we already have written down are:

* The American public is already worried about AI catastrophe
* Trends in media coverage of AI
* Documented misuses of DeepFakes so far
* State of weaponized military AI
* Stop citing non AI experts (including Gates, Hawkins, etc.) about its future

PS we can always use more contributors, if you might be interested take a look here

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