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[D] Open letter question for people working on automation

Crosspost to /r/DataScience I am deeply worried about automation personally and it is one of the driving reasons. On par with climate change that I don’t want to have any children. My question is: Is it possible to start an open letter from people working on the automation of the most common jobs in America. If we are actually automating these jobs I think this could help build actual awareness and recognition from the media.

Some say it’s not possible to see job loss from automation. That other work “we can’t imagine” will take their place. I hate to sound pessimistic but I don’t really see that happening and/or I don’t see the call center worker or the truck driver being able to retrain for the “jobs of the future.”

I saw someone in a different sub suggest an open letter where professionals could sign in support of the fact that this is in fact happening. None of the political candidates are talking about this. This is as important as the climate, if we have 25% unemployment riots I think that’s going to be as bad or worse than rising sea levels. Do you think this could get traction? Or am I totally off base, sorry I’m not a professional just a guy worried about the future.

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