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[D] Company HireVue provides “AI” for early-stage interview screening

There’s been some (pretty universally negative) reaction on Twitter to a video put out by HireVue promoting their interview-related products, some of which use (unspecified) “AI”. They have candidates answer employer-specified questions to camera, and they claim to evaluate things like whether the candidate is enthusiastic, or making enough eye contact (with the camera lens, I guess).

I thought people might like to discuss here. The video and Twitter reactions are here:

Issues with this include baking existing hiring biases into poorly understood black boxes, that it’s disrespectful to candidates, the best of which will refuse to be interviewed in this way, and that it’s likely to give weird predictions when presented with anyone not well represented by the training set.

What other problems do people see with this? Is there any use of ML in the hiring process that you wouldn’t object to?

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