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[P] MachinesGoneWrong – a primer to algorithmic bias

[P] MachinesGoneWrong - a primer to algorithmic bias

Hey all, am a graduate student working on AI and AI ethics. As part of a 3-month final project, I built an online primer/beginner’s guide to algorithmic bias. It contains:

– xkcd-style comics (a tribute and thanks to the esteemed Randall Munroe!)

– an explorable for fairness definitions

a Bongo Cat

Check it out here:

(A few of my friends got a 403 error when trying to access it – if that happens to you, try this link instead: ; also do let me know if anyone has a fix, I’ve been stuck on this bug for awhile now – if anyone is interested in helping, the website is built on GitHub Pages with Jekyll)

I’m still about two weeks away from submission so let me know if you have any feedback (I’ve previously posted this on r/AIethics and r/artificial)! I’m also intending to continue this as a long-term project so I’m open to collaborations on this, just drop me a message!

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