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[P] Does anyone know of anywhere I can find good data regarding addiction treatment?

I want to do a machine learning project to gain insight into and then perhaps even be able to contribute ideas to the area of addiction treatment, something I think is extremely important for society. In order to begin, I have been scouring the Internet for places where I can gather data for building datasets, and maybe even existing datasets I’ll be able to utilize.

So, in this spirit, I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions or knowledge of where I can gather data that has to do with addiction treatment, or maybe even existing datasets about the subject? Please let me know if you do – it’d be immensely helpful!

P.S. – If you are interested in using some of your free time to help me out with the project, feel free to message me. Especially now, during the data sourcing part of the project, it’s the best part! (Lmao I’m obviously kidding I hate this part, but your help would actually be seriously awesome)

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