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[P] Help with PLS in R

Hello r/MachineLearning ~

Struggling Noob here. I have been asked to create a pls model on a dataset with 200 predictor variables and 1 response variable(y below). I have only 16 observations. I know the n is small and predictors are high, but these are outside of my control.

I have made a model, with the code below, but I have little confidence it is right. I don’t know how to properly test it. The summary says after 2 components, 95% is explained.

My Questions:

  1. How do I see what variables are in those components.
  2. How do I test the model or determine the R^2

Thank you so much for any help. If anyone has strong knowledge here, I’d be happy to pay for a quick tutoring session. <- plsr(df$y~.,data = df, scale = TRUE,validation = "LOO")



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