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“[P]” Open Source Example: Putting an Image Similarity Model into an iOS App

I am excited to announce that Skafos has open sourced the code for our Boot Finder App. This app uses an image similarity model to identify which boots on the Zappos website are most similar to a picture taken by the app user.

Here are our repos:

We have open sourced this code because we’ve talked to many people who are interested in putting ML models into iOS Apps, but either don’t have a good use case, or have trouble connecting all the technical pieces. (App development in Swift, model development in Python, integrating the pieces, retraining, etc.) We are hoping our repos, and our platform Skafos, will help people to connect the dots and build ML-powered apps.

Here are some of the technical details:

  • We built our model in Python 3.6 using Turi Create, converted it to Core ML, and embedded it into an iOS App.
  • We use Kubernetes to automatically retrain each Sunday night.
  • Skafos is used to deliver model updates to the app.

Happy building! Feel free to drop your questions below! For additional info, please visit our website at

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