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[P] Looking to Hire Someone to Assist in Recreating this Research Paper

I hope this an OK place to post this and please let me know if its not.

If it is, I’m looking to hire someone who is able to recreate a research paper I’m reading in Python. I’m not really interested in the actual set up of the ANN model as I am in the wavelet transform and PCA portion that they did in the per-processing step. It would be good if whoever was hired had a deep understanding of that space and was able to implement tweaks and changes if necessary.

The paper is here but the crux of it is they took open, high, low, and close data on 6 Asian stock indices, applied wavelet transform to all 4 features (separately and individually), added technical indicators and used PCA to select features before feeding the inputs to a ANN.

I should note that I know this is a financial paper but please don’t mistake this as someone who sees big returns and is just trying to hire someone to rebuild their project to capitalize on it. I don’t think the returns cited in this paper are realistic and I have no intentions of trying to trade it or use it to make money. It’s more about my own edification. I dont have a high level math background and Ive spent hours reading about wavelet transforms and it still seems a bit daunting.

If you’re interested in talking further, please shoot me a message and we can go from there.

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