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[D] How to manage scheduling of multiple interviews in order to be able to negotiate simultaneously?

I’ve seen some posts on this sub about people interviewing simultaneously at multiple companies, and then getting to simultaneously negotiate with all of them.

However, they never tell you how they got multiple companies with diversely different interview processes and timelines to schedule the interviews such that they all fall within the same timeframe, and as a result it enabled them to be able to get multiple offers at the same time, and negotiate their way up to the best salary.

I never seem to be able to optimize the interview process timeline. I end up with exploding offers from a couple of companies, while I’m still waiting on another company to arrange their 2nd interview with me. I have multiple questions:

  1. How do you people do this?
  2. When do you make your applications? How do you time it?
  3. Do you deliberately not respond to a(n exploding) offer until you hear back from the other companies you’re also interviewing with?
  4. Do you have such a high risk tolerance that you’d jeopardize an offer being withdrawn while you’re waiting around for the other companies to throw an offer at you?
  5. How do you manage to do all this without coming across as rude, inconsiderate, unreliable, or uninterested?

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