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[News] DeepMind’s StarCraft II Agent AlphaStar Will Play Anonymously on

Link to Hacker news discussion

The announcement is from the Starcraft 2 official page. AlphaStar will play as an anonymous player against some ladder players who opt in in this experiment in the European game servers.

Some highlights:

  • AlphaStar can play anonymously as and against the three different races of the game: Protoss, Terran and Zerg in 1vs1 matches, in a non-disclosed future date. Their intention is that players treat AlphaStar as any other player.
  • Replays will be used to publish a peer-reviewer paper.
  • They restricted this version of AlphaStar to only interact with the information it gets from the game camera (I assume that this includes the minimap, and not the API from the January version?).
  • They also increased the restrictions of AlphaStar actions-per-minute (APM), according to pro players advice. There is no additional info in the blog about how this restriction is taking place.

Personally, I see this as a very interesting experiment, although I’ll like to know more details about the new restrictions that AlphaStar will be using, because as it was discussed here in January, such restrictions can be unfair to human players. What are your thoughts?

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