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[D] Terrence Sejnowski’s Deep Learning Revolution

I am about a third of the way into this book and it has me feeling a little forgetful of where the community is going with DL.

The book is mostly a memoir of Sejnowski and the work he did with Hinton to help get the community to where it is today. There are chapters dedicated to things that I almost never see discussed anymore, such as how the brain actually functions as a general purpose problem solving machine. Paper after paper it seems like there is a novel tweak on a DL application, with sometimes exciting results, but I can’t remember the last time I was excited about what the community has produced since AlphaZero.

Are we entering a maturity phase in DL? Simply endlessly optimizing what we already know? Where is the new epicenter of revolutionary thought? Why is there so little talk of neuroscience/biology in the DL community despite the strong roots?

Disclosure: I am not an academic. I just like to read a lot about ML/DL, gene modification, quantum computing, and economics. Just the cool stuff.

So where do you guys think we are? Where are we headed?

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