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[D] Run google colab notebook and get results back via json?

So basically what i have is couple of colab notebooks that do what i want, and do that with their free gpu… for free(which is required). What i want to do is setup an apache airflow scheduler with some kind of flask app that would take my request, schedule it for execution and run for example notebook A with passed arguments/files and return back files aswell. Im thinking off two solutions. One would be using some kind of google cloud run? Do they offer free tier gpus aswell? the other solution that comes to my mind is spawning free tier google compute server and doing that this way(dockerizing my notebooks, sending files to google storage running docker and saving to cloud storage and than retrieving the results). Im really lost when it comes to google cloud offerings for dl. Notebooks do said things just fine but i want to schedule them so they could run my models continously.

So quick recap, what i want:

– scheduler schedules and runs a job(sends files to endpoint)

– X runs long running model training on free tier gpu

– scheduler gets back the resulting file

What do you guys think? What would be the best way to do this?


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