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[D] Why we should focus experiments and solutions mainly on climate and healthcare issues only

We’re globally in a perilous situation with a severe risk of runaway climate change due to major Arctic gas leaks even if we stop all human emissions today. Unless you’re a ML researcher, I call upon everyone to focus their voluntary experimental efforts and solutions mainly on climate and/or healthcare problems only. This means forgetting about other toy problems like the Titanic which was a polluting behemoth anyway. Under no circumstances would you want to work for a firm that seriously and actively harms the climate. If you read and understand the linked article, you will acknowledge that our global civilization has never been at a bigger risk of collapse. I believe that a single person can make a big difference if they try.

As for the motivation for healthcare, it should be more obvious to you, especially if you’re 30 or older and are no longer in perfect health. If you’re younger, you will get there and will then understand.

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