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[P] Create deep learning models with flowpoints

[P] Create deep learning models with flowpoints

Flowpoints makes it possible to create deep learning models in a flowchart kind of manner.

Simply create some nodes, connect them however you like, and copy the automatically written code! Models can be created with either TensorFlow or PyTorch.

With link sharing it’s easy to share models with others, and with a graphical representation of your model it becomes much easier to explain your machine learning model to pretty much anyone:)

Check out the readme or this medium post for more info.

To begin with, I created this tool for my own use. Soon after, I started using it a whole lot for keeping track of model architectures, explaining to project managers and friends how the model worked, and it enabled me to create models waay quicker than I had before.

Now I hope it can be useful for others as well:)

I’ve open-sourced this project, and would love some help maintaining the code or adding functionality!

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