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[D] We are from TomTom Autonomous Driving, and are making HD maps. Ask us Anything!

Hi everyone,

We are from TomTom Autonomous Driving from Amsterdam and Berlin, and we are working on HD map making for automated driving and navigation.

Being able to build a highly accurate map is essential for precise localization and navigation for an automated vehicle.

To create maps that are precise and detailed enough, we need to efficiently analyse incoming data from diverse on-car sensors such as LiDAR and cameras using state of the art machine learning techniques.

We use a lot of deep learning especially pertaining to computer vision. Published papers from our group include work on structured prediction for lane detection, as well as domain adaptation:

The following users will be answering your questions from 10am-12pm CEST, and from 4pm-6pm CEST:

/u/kmhofmann, /u/pierluigi_tomtom, /u/AlessioColombo, /u/fkariminejadasl, /u/jvvugt, /u/ml_steve

So Ask us Anything!

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