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[D] I created dilated convolution seq2seq and I want to publish it. I do not have any degree, then how?

I improve architecture to use dilated convolution based and change the attention mechanism. In small dataset, I beat that model in term of word position accuracy, never tested on bigger dataset (right now tested on 500 English-Vietnam Language Translation dataset), I would like to if I can get some guide to publish the results on research paper.

Accuracy after 20 epoch on convolution seq2seq, epoch: 20, avg loss: 5.096660, avg accuracy: 0.177135

Accuracy after 20 epoch on dilated convolution seq2seq, epoch: 20, avg loss: 0.009440, avg accuracy: 1.023615

Pardon about the accuracy more than 1.0, that one just a bug from my code, can fix it less than a second.

Again, I never tested on bigger dataset.

My question is, I am totally have no knowledge about publishing, googling seems no exact step-by-step, so can I get any links / tips / guide, thanks!

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