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[D] Deep Learning and Chemical Physics – research oriented companies and startups?

Dear community,

I am right now pursuing a PhD at the intersection of molecular science and machine learning during which I am researching new advanced sampling techniques and generative models for molecular structures respecting physical constraints.

While there are plenty of opportunities to just stay in academia I m curious about companies who do applied research in related fields, like searching for new materials using computational methods (in particular modern machine learning techniques) or designing functional proteins using such techniques.

I am personally very interested to eventually work on something “real” that exists in the physical world (e.g. designing a new catalysis membrane for waste decomposition vs building new image filters for Snapchat). But besides current endeavors in rather pure research e.g. as done by DeepMind (AlphaFold) or Google AS I don’t know smaller/less known companies with maybe much more focus on real applications. There are obviously pharmaceutical firms also starting to work in this field, but right now I am more curious about possible other applications.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions what companies might be worth to look at?

Thanks a lot!

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