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[D] Does anybody use paperspace? It seems so promising but it’s so messy (

I was attracted away from AWS by paperspace claiming it’s so fast and easy with ML in a box. Well it seems fast and easy but in reality it’s a different kind of painful. Don’t get me wrong getting nvidia drivers and docker to work in AWS is quite the challenge sometimes.

Paperspace offers their own “web” terminal doesn’t seem to support copy/paste, their inbuilt remote desktop connection is very laggy and keeps dropping out and to use my own SSH connection I have to pay a 3 dollar a month fee for a public IP?!?

Honestly what hurts me the most is the incosistent copy paste. It barely works in their native app and their native terminal. It’s unbelievable how buggy their connection software is. On top of that the password they provide when you create a machine doesn’t seem to be the root password. I can sudo just fine but there doesn’t seem to be a way to become root at all. I’m a little in disbelief.

Has anyone had any good experience with their system? I think there’s no way their system is this bad an I’m just using it wrong.

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