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[P] Testing The Limits of Grover The Neural Fake News Detector. Can it write fiction? Can it write riddles?

Grover is presently the top post or /r/machinelearning.

Grover is modeled after the full size 1.5 Billion Parameter GPT-2 model, and since they helpfully provided a web interface to it, this is a bit like getting a backdoor into the full size GPT-2 model that the public does not have access to. Update: They just switched to the 345M parameter model to conserve resources, I may be partly responsible for that…

I’ve been poking at Grover way too much over the last few days and I wrote up a few of my experiments. For example Grover can be kind of be used as a one-sentence summarizer or to guess the date of news. Grover can also write straight up fiction which is kind of weird since it’s training corpus was restricted to the 5000 Google News domains!

All the poking in this post was done on Thursday and Friday morning with the full size 1.5 B model, before they switched over to the smaller one:

(I picked [P] as the Tag, though maybe [D] is more appropriate?)

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