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[D] UK Masters VS US Masters for American

Hello, I have seen some form of this question before on this subreddit, but not quite any answers specific to my question.

I have known I wanted to get a masters for quite some time. I am currently a Data Scientist in the DC area, however want to move towards machine learning applied for engineering applications as opposed to business/ enterprise applications.

For a while I have been looking at schools in the United States, such as Maryland, Austin, UIL, Michigan etc. However, the idea of going abroad has been in the back of mind for some time. I studied abroad in Edinburgh, which is where I first studied and acquired a passion for machine learning.

Alongside the cheaper cost of school there, on a more personal level I am anxious about missing out on a chance to experience living in a foreign country again. So I am considering applying to programs at UCL, Imperial and Edinburgh. My one concern is how that will Impact career prospects in my future.

Some more background, I graduated relatively recently. I had a 3.5 GPA with a degree in applied stats and computer science from a fairly well known school (albeit not well known in CS). I have research experience from an internship and expect to be published at some point. I have some long term professional goals, but they may just be pipe dreams, of continuing my growth at one of the well known residency programs but I understand my performance during a masters will impact that likelihood more than the school itself. Also a Ph.D is not off the table, but I think masters would help with finding a program I would appreciate and perform well at.

Tl;Dr will a masters in the UK hinder my chances to return to the US for a career in advanced AI and ML?

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