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[Project] Massively parallel, vectorised implementation of Snake and RL solution

[Project] Massively parallel, vectorised implementation of Snake and RL solution

Hi /r/MachineLearning.

As part of my recent side project to learn about reinforcement learning I’ve created a clone of the classic Snake game as a reinforcement learning environment and solved it with advantage actor-critic. This is one of the warm-ups from OpenAI’s requests for research 2 (

You might be thinking this sounds like a very run of the mill introductory RL project. Well here are a few things that I think make it more interesting than just that.

  1. I went completely overboard on the environment. Its implemented in pure PyTorch in a vectorized fashion such that I can run 1000s of environment in parallel on a single machine.
  2. I compare performance of a few architectures, including a model copied from Deepmind’s recent Relational RL paper (spoilers, it doesn’t outcompete the other agents on this very simple task).
  3. I evaluate the performance of an agent trained on a small environment in a larger environment – a limited form of RL transfer learning.

Medium article:


Here’s a GIF of one of the final policies:

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I’m currently working on the “Slitherin'” suggestion on OpenAI’s request for research 2.0. Here’s a preliminary GIF.

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