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[P] Pywick – High-Level Training framework for Pytorch

Hey fellow redditors, please allow me to introduce you to Pywick – a high-level Pytorch training framework that aims to get you up and running quickly with state of the art neural networks for image classification and segmentation, optimizers (like SWA, AdamW), activation functions (swish/aria) etc. Does the world really need another Pytorch framework? Probably not. But I began working on this project about three years ago when no good frameworks were available and it just kept growing. So it probably doesn’t hurt to have another open-source framework out there.

The goal is to try to keep up with the state of the art in terms of models and various training enhancements so that you have something to play around with. Does SWA or Swish really guarantee you best results? Probably not… but it’s there in case you want to check it out.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that I really can’t take credit for any of the cool stuff. I mostly assembled and cleaned up what other awesome people have already done. But that way you don’t need to do the dirty work and can just use it.

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