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[D] Keras (RNNs) for multiple time series?

The two Keras subs seem pretty dead, hoping I can find some help here.

I was able to use Keras to create a prediction from a time series, with input data looking like so:

Date Volume
1/1/2017 5
1/2/2017 7
12/31/2018 12

But we would like to expand on this.

We have multiple products, which are each sold to multiple stores. I would like to create a tool where we throw data for each product at each store into a model, and then call “At this store, for this product, for this date, Keras predicts X”

I cannot seem to find an example that deals with having multiple rows for each date. An example of the full dataset is below. Seems like one way would be to make a column for each store/product combo and loop those through with a model for each, but I’m not sure if that would be ideal.

Date Volume Store Product
1/1/2017 5 A a
1/1/2017 6 A b
1/1/2017 1 A c
1/2/2017 8 A a
1/2/2017 9 A b
1/2/2017 2 A c
1/1/2017 6 B a
1/1/2017 6 B b
1/1/2017 1 B c
1/2/2017 7 B a
1/2/2017 8 B b
1/2/2017 2 B c
12/31/2018 5 A a
12/31/2018 6 A b
12/31/2018 1 A c
12/31/2018 8 A a
12/31/2018 9 A b
12/31/2018 2 A c
12/31/2018 6 B a
12/31/2018 6 B b
12/31/2018 1 B c
12/31/2018 7 B a
12/31/2018 8 B b
12/31/2018 2 B c

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