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[Project] Human/Robot relationship dynamics: A 7 min. survey for you

Hello AI technology users!

I am writing on behalf of my institution’s Technology, Relationship, and Language lab. We are a small group of Psychologists aiming to understand the relationship quality and formation characteristics of chatbot and human connections. Once we can better understand the positive aspects of these technological relationships, we can initiate further studies that can aid in the advancement of more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with humans and their technological counterparts.

You are invited to participate in a survey assessing your experiences interacting with artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. Specifically, our study focuses on the AI chatbot Replika. Your participation is voluntary, but nonetheless greatly appreciated. Our goal is simple: analyzing the effectiveness, quality, and relationships of human participants with their personal chatbots. With your help in taking this quick (7 min max) survey, we can create an informative understanding of the areas in which AI technology is improving the lives and relationships with humans. Please feel free to reach out to me or our principal investigator (whose contact information is included in the first page of the survey) with any questions. The survey is linked below:

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