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[D]Fathoming the Deep in Deep Learning – A Practical Approach

[D]Fathoming the Deep in Deep Learning – A Practical Approach

Deep in ‘Deep Learning’ is elusive yet approachable with a bit of mathematics. This beckons a practical question: Is elementary calculus sufficient to unravel deep learning? The answer is yes indeed. Armed with an unbound curiosity to learn and re-learn new and old alike and possibly if you can methodically follow below sections, I reckon you’ll cross the chasm to intuitively understand and apply every concepts including calculus in their glory to de-clutter all intricacies of deep learning. I’m covering the steps I took and what I researched, read and understood – being captured to reveal each concept as intuitively as possible and additional topics that piques your interest:

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Steps to fathom the depth:

The Beginnings – Modelling Decisions with Perceptrons, Workhorses inside Nodes – Activation Functions, A Gentle Detour on Basics – Differential CalculusThe Underpinnings – Essential Statistics and Loss Reduction, The Grand Optimization – Gradient Descent, Intuitive Examples to the Rescue – Descent Demystified, Ensemble directed Back & Forth – Feed Forward & Back Propagation, Inner Workings of Bare NeuralNet – Matrices matched to Code & Learning Curve Retraced – References & Acknowledgements

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