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[D] Observations from OpenAI’s Five (Dota 2)

I’ve been working on writing an article about AlphaStar for a while (cough, very late), but after last week’s events I decided to sit down and write about OpenAI’s 5 success.

There are a few areas I wish I had more knowledge to expand on:

  • I wish I knew more about OpenAI’s Rapid to write about.
  • Pros and Cons of PPO for Dota 2. I’d also like to know what didn’t work.
  • Decision Tree of Starcraft 2 vs OpenAI. Relative to each of the games, OpenAI has solved more of Dota 2’s action space. However, Starcraft 2 seems to have a larger decision tree?
  • OpenAI mentioned “surgery” when thinking of transfer learning, but there isn’t much information out there.

Very open to feedback and suggestions, thanks!

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