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[D] Hosting data models vs. locally stored models

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been trying to research this but haven’t been able to find exactly the right path to pursue, I was hoping someone could provide me some ideas to research.

Here is the concept I’m working on.

I want to train some models to identify colour, shape, texture from photos a user uploads to their account. The uploading will be through an iOS app. What would be an ideal way creating those models and making them available to all the users? Here are a few use cases I’ve come up with, just not sure if they are accurate.

– The model is stored locally on each persons device when they download the app. The model looks for colour, shape and texture but will be trained to identify the ones the user likes from their uploaded photos or liked tags.

– The models are trained and stored on a server and will be accessed with an api.

– Models are trained using scikit and imported to Apple’s CoreML to be used on the app.

Would any of these make sense when trying to prove the concept above?

Could anyone possibly provide me some articles that explain how to create/setup these models in iOS?

Thanks to all who stop by!

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