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[Discussion] Is it possible to learn ML “old” and with little experience?

I am 37 years old and I have always been interested in technology in general, mainly related to computing. In 2005/2006 I was studying Python in a self-taught mode with 23/24 years old.

Due to the situations that life imposes, I do not work with technology currently (work in the judiciary of Brazil), although I have never stopped reading and inform myself at least a little at all times.

Last year I bought a collection of books by various authors about Python and artificial intelligence (neural networks, deep learning, genetic algorithms, etc.), but I have not started yet, but I’ll probably start from the middle of the year onwards.

I believe that in order to study AI and feel motivated to learn we must have some objective in mind, to study by studying, just out of curiosity, I think that in most cases it can lead to disinterest over time, especially if the subject becomes increasingly complex .

In this way, I have an area of interest in applying any knowledge of AI: Blender 3D. Yes, free software that allows 3D modeling, animation, etc. of Blender foundation. I have been practicing Blender since 2009 so I know a lot about the tool and look forward to the release of version 2.8 that will happen in July.

I imagine some kind of application where you talk about objects, for example, AI understands what you want and produces that object, for example, a dog, after studying deep dog images and comparisons with previously made 3D models.

Telling this story, the big question is, since being around 40 years old, would it be a waste of time to study the subject and focus on other things, letting the new generations create things?

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