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[N] Tensorflow 2.0 Hackathon coming up. Also our team could use 1 more person if you’re interested. It’s an NLP project, and we got some great team members, including an advisor who has published current SoTA ML architectures.

Here’s the link

We are looking for one more member, ideally someone with experience some of the current SoTA NLP models (Elmo, Transformer, BERT, GPT/2, ULMFiT, etc.) and wrangling data for those datasets (Our adviser may have had their name published in the official paper for one of those papers 😉 ) . But really, we’re just looking for someone who has solid practical experience with Tensorflow and can data wrangle.

If you’re interested, PM me with what are your time commitments for the next 3 weeks, and your experience with Tensorflow.

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