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[D] Seeking feedback on my ML tutorial for a non-technical audience

I have the opportunity to give a 45-min ML tutorial to a non-technical audience, and this is what I’m planning. I’d really appreciate any feedback / comments. Thanks!

Part 1: What is a neural network? (15 mins) – I’ll either show this video or give a similar walkthrough

Part 2: Build your own neural network in 15 minutes! (15 mins) – I’m going to create a Jupyter notebook on Google Colab, using Keras to build a model for MNIST in as few lines of code as possible. – During the session, I will share the Colab link with the audience and we’ll walk through the steps together. – Question: Is there any way to incorporate some interactive image drawing capability into Colab such that the audience can draw a digit with their mouse and get a model prediction?

Part 3: Demo some other cool image recognition models (5 – 10 mins) – The goal here is to demonstrate the power of some readily available models such as Imagenet, and the fact that I can easily run these models in minutes. I will ask the audience to share images with me and run them through the model. – I’ll close with a brief discussion of how easy it is to get these models into production, enabling users to build their own apps, etc.

Part 4: Q&A (5 – 10 mins)

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