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[P] I have built video anonymization using DSFD(Dual Shot Face Detector)

A week ago, I posted here that I have built a face detector to blur faces for videos with GitHub repository.

The entire project was based on OpenCV examples. So it’s obvious that the result can’t be good enough to use and slow.

So, I’ve been looking for better projects for face detection and one of the comments from my earlier post said using DeepPrivacy might be good. Sounds great, so I tried to run DeepPrivacy and I couldn’t run because of lack of GPU memory.

Okay…🤔 It looks like DeepPrivacy uses DSFD to detect faces. Shouldn’t I just use DSFD to detect faces and blur them?

There, I wrote the simple implementation of anonymizing videos by DSFD.

And I found lightDSFD which is a lightweight version of DSFD. So I also applied lightDSFD to anonymize videos.

However, lightDSFD looks less accurate(obviously). It works most of the time but it shows failure when a person is laying down or the light is too dark, etc.

So far, DSFD looks great that I feel like I can actually publish videos that I can’t upload until the faces are anonymized. The problem is that it takes 11 hours to complete for 15 minutes of 60fps video.

…. I am still waiting for the first video to be finished. And if my calculation is correct, all videos will be processed in 51 days.

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