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Question for people who work on or think about AGI regularly [Discussion]

Hi everyone,

So over the last several weeks, for research I’m doing at my university, I’ve been tasked with working on some ML problems that fall in the domain of NLP. As a result of the all the reading I’ve been doing to gain some familiarity with NLP, I had this realization that I had gotten very jaded to machine learning as a discipline, totally forgetting that the thing that first motivated me to begin down this path was my desire to work on the engineering challenge of creating AGI.

Now that I’ve begun thinking about this again, I am curious as to how many people are actually out there working on this problem? There are a lot of data scientist or hobbyist who build predictive models using ML, but who are the people who are using ML as a tool specifically for engineering AGI?

For those of you out there, I have the following questions.

  1. In what capacity have you worked on this problem and how did you get your start?

  2. For how long have you been working on this and what have been your key takeaways from your experience thus far? These could philosophical insights, challenges, or general thoughts.

  3. When an AGI is created, do you think machine learning will be a key component in it’s creation, a small piece, or do you think the technology we need to create it will be fundamentally different than what we currently think of now as machine learning?

Lastly, if you have any recommendations for research papers myself and others might find interesting, please share.

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