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[D] Universities to study Machine Learning/Deep Learning in Europe/Outside of Europe (Bachelor and Master)


I’m currently a second year university student in France, in an institute technology (mainly focused on CS and not so much on Math), and i really want to study Machine Learning/Deep Learning and get into research but as i said my actual degree lack of theoretical skills such as math, so i can’t get into most of the schools because they are very selective.

So i am kinda lost and am looking for universities to start all over again. Is there any universities in Europe/Outside of Europe (Canada) that would let me study what i want? I would prefer if it’s close to France and if it’s an english/french speaking country.

I know that there is some good schools such as Polytechnique in France but there is no way i could get into them with my actual degree, and i would need to do a math degree before joining it but the education system won’t let me get into those since i already spent 1.5 year studying after my highschool degree. That’s why i am looking for opportunities abroad.

I would prefer universities that i can afford easily but i will take any suggestions that you have! As i said i also don’t mind starting all over again, i prefer to “waste” 2 years and study something that i really like that continuing to study something that i don’t really like as much as AI.

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