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[D]Deciding between ML Masters in Germany (Saarland vs. Tuebingen)

So I have been recently admitted to a relatively new Masters in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at Saarland University to start in April of next year. I have read great things about the CS departments at Saarland, and the presence of the Max Planck Institute in Informatics + the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence is really attractive for someone interested in developing an ML career, specially to someone interested in the Computer Vision + ML area like me, since the machine learning laboratory is very focused on this.

Besides applying to Saarland, I was planning to apply to Tuebingen’s Masters in Machine Learning when applications open next year. However, since Saarland admitted me this early, I will have to make a decision before I hear about the results of Tuebingen.

If I accept the offer at Saarland, I would be looking to work as a Research assistant in one of these institutes (ideally with Prof. Bernt Schiele in the Computer Vision and Machine Learning lab) and after graduating, I would search for Machine Learning engineer jobs or if I really enjoy my experience with research, maybe pursue a PhD.

The thing is that at the moment, I see myself more in the future in an industry environment rather than in academia. Because of this, what attracts me from Tuebingen is the presence of Amazon, Bosch, the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, and all of the current hype it is gaining recently from the “Cyber Valley” consortium (, all of which make Tuebingen look like a place where I could get an internship in one of these companies and then more easily transition into industry. In fact, some professors that previosly worked

Both universities seem to be really strong in ML research with amazing professors and opportunities in their respective laboratories, despite this, I can’t help but feel that if I choose Saarland, I may be missing out on internships in Industry such as the ones I mentioned. Am I overthinking the weight of the nature internships in a Masters? (ML Research in laboratories vs ML Industry)

It is also important for me to mention that I am from Venezuela, and while it may sound easy for some people to just defer the admission for the next semester to get an answer from Tuebingen and make a better decision, for me it can be a risk since the country can get worse economically and politically at any moment. Going to Saarland means starting in April, going to Tubingen (If I were to get accepted) means starting in October.

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but since my doubts are based on the quality of both ML programs and the opportunities available at each university are in ML positions I thought I’d raise my concerns here.

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