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[D] – How to determine “value” of items in bartering system?

Hey r/MachineLearning question for you guys

Given a series of bartering transactions, example below:

  • Item 1 was traded for Item 2 & Item 3
  • Item 4 was traded for Item 5 & Item 6
  • Item 3 was traded for Item 7
  • Item 7 was traded for Item 8
  • etc

What algorithm could you use to determine the relative value of each item?

Example from above:

  • Item 1 was traded for 2 & 3, this would imply that item 1 roughly equal to the value 2 & 3 combined (and more valuable than either one individually)
  • Item 7 was traded for Item 3 (1 for 1 trade) which would imply they have the same value

Now if I had say 300 items, and 1000s of “transaction” data points for the whole system, what’s the best way to determine the relative value of the group?

Example Questions:

  • How much is Item 1 (.00 – 1.00) worth compared to Item 3?
  • How much is Item 1 worth compared to the rest of the pack?

Bonus Points: A python package would be awesome.

submitted by /u/gkamradt
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