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[D] I’m so sick of the hype

Sorry if this is not a constructive post, its more of a rant really. I’m just so sick of the hype in this field, I want to feel like I’m doing engineering work/proper science but I’m constantly met with buzz words and “business-y” type language. I was browsing and I saw the announcement for the Tensorflow World conference happening now, and I went on the website and was again met with “Be part of the ML revolution.” in big bold letters. Like okay, I understand that businesses need to get investors, but for the past 2 years of being in this field I’m really starting to feel like I’m in marketing and not engineering. I’m not saying the products don’t deliver or that there’s miss-advertising, but there’s just too much involvement of “business type” folks more so in this field compared to any other field of engineering and science… and I really hate this. It makes me wonder why is this the case? How come there’s no type of website? Is it because its really easy for anyone to enter this field and gain a superficial understanding of things?

The issue I have with this is that I feel a constant pressure to frame whatever I’m doing with marketing lingo otherwise you immediately lose people’s interest if you don’t play along with the hype.

Anyhow /rant

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