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[D] Am I the only one who’s starting to feel sorry for Siraj Raval?

I hated the guy. I fucking despised him, between his “AI for Supply Chain” video, which made a mockery of one the most challenging domains in ML and Analytics, and his “How to predict the stock market with LSTM” video which downright dangerous (what if somebody actually went out and bet their retirement on 7 lines of Keras?!?!?!?) – I found the guy not just annoying, but pathological.

Yet over the last few days, the sheer completeness of his collapse, has me actually feeling sorry for him. Some of the time he was indeed intentionally malicious, but most of the time he came of more like he a D-bag who just way in over his head and who somehow found himself in a spotlight he didn’t expect.

I mean I know people who are at their core, just refined, more nuanced version of Siraj Raval, who managed to make it to Director and VP level positions on pure self promotions and ability to sell themselves. I am sure we all know people like that as well. What’s the difference? They were simply smart enough to not get caught.

Yet we gawk and we laugh at poor Siraj. Its every started chewing when the guy was pulled over for doing 5 m over the speed limit, and they’re all ignoring all the cars doing 85 and 90…..

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