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[P] Having a predefined questionnaire, how to write system to extract data.

There is an extremely inefficient process in my city office. There is a process of collecting a data from citizens each year, there is an online form and offline/paper form. The paper is a problem:

  1. The forms are given to the people.
  2. People fill the forms, it’s handwriting, and return it to the office.
  3. The clerks have about 2-4 weeks to type the forms into the system.
  4. There is a control data in the form, if incorrect, the form is ignored in further processing.

There are about 15-25K paper forms each year, the graphics and content changes yearly.

I have a template of this year’ form. It’s one page A4. There are two types of information we want to extract: small boxes for a single digit and free text boxes (can contain any text). I don’t have samples of data, but can generate few.

The forms contain sensitive data, cannot be processed outside the internal network. How would you approach such a problem? I would appreciate any help.

Usually I would just go with Google Vision API and text extraction and later writing decision tree to classify bounding boxes as a pieces of information, but in this case I cannot use external services.

This is a non-profit project. If I cannot solve it, they will just hand type it.

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