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[P] Community Machine Learning Platform

Hi everyone!

I am wondering what people think of an idea, which I’m looking at turning into reality: A community centred Machine Learning platform!


Main page: Similar to Reddit where people can post their projects, research, questions and requests.

Projects: People can form long term groups to share code bases, road maps, problems and tasks. Projects might be centred around a research area, a project at work (companies can work together), or something you are making for fun. People can request to be part of projects, so if you spot something you want to be involved in you can join, and if you need help you can ask people to join.

Modules: People can upload Docker containers, these will have a standard API, anyone one can run these. Modules might be an algorithm, model or a utility tool. These can be attatched to projects, and you can browse a library of modules sorted in categories (BioInformatics, Computer Vision, NLP etc) . You can optionally charge for the use of modules you make?

The main goal is to create a collaborative environment, so companies, researchers, and anyone! can show off what they are doing and share ideas, problems and work on projects together.


Is this reinventing the wheel, is Kaggle + Reddit + Github etc good enough?

If you made a dream ML social platform, what would you add?

Thanks 🙂

From Tom

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