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[D] Too many hyperparameters to tune too little time

I’m working on a model with heaps of hyperparameters. It is infeasible to test all combinations so I’ve come up with an attempt to tuning, but I don’t know whether the method is valid. Say I have hyperparameters A, B, and C, each with 3, 4 and 5 options each. Now my plan is to set a baseline, say A:1, B:1, C:1. Then I vary the options of A keeping B and C constant. Hypothetically A:3, B:1, C:1 beats the initial baseline. Now I set A:3, B:1, C:1 to be my new baseline and I vary hyperparameter B. I repeat this process until all parameters have been varied. Then I start out with A again. The assumption here is that hyperparameters influence the performance which I know not to be true.

Can this method be seen as a genuine attempt to tuning? If it is: does anyone know of any references where this or a similar tuning method is used? If not: is there a better method? Furthermore, I’d like to know how you deal with having a lot of hyperparameters.

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