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[D] Pointless PhD for Machine Learning career advancement?

Dear r/MachineLearning, I am a STEM graduate who became interested after my Master’s into making research in Machine Learning. I was promised a PhD, the opportunity to do cutting-edge research, real world applications and a “close” cooperation with industrial partners. But after having spent a few months reading and discussing with supervisors, a lot of work I am considered to do is centered around metaheuristic search and evolutionary computation. And although, I find it fascinating and there is some application to machine learning / DNNs, as well as companies like Uber and Cognizant are adopting it, I feel like it has too much of a niche quality and mainstream interest seems not to be catching-up with it. In case if there is any at all to begin with.

I thought it might be helpful to ask you guys, to get a neutral outside-of-the-box opinion.

Particularly, as over the last month I live and work in a scientific bubble and my prior background is not AI/ML or Computer Science to begin with. So anyone might just be able to claim anything to me without me having the ability to evaluate their claims or get any decent outside criticism.

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