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[D] How can a computer engineer make himself/herself relevant in the field of AI?

Hey guys,

I am a computer engineer(software design and hardware-software engineering) and planning to get into ML/AI. I have studied the basics of ML/AI and wish to leverage my CE skills (memory optimization, speed optimization) to solve problems in the field of ML/AI (especially deep learning). All the algorithms in the machine learning domain are based on probabilities and on statistical methods (A strong generalization perhaps?, please excuse me if that’s the case. Any kind of contradiction to this statement is welcome). I learn that mathematical optimization is predominant in the field of ML/AI. How can something be built in the field of ML/AI with the focus on CE skills? I was looking for a direction of research or demand for novelty in the said field.

Please help me understand how to leverage computer engineering to enhance models in the field of AI.

I will appreciate anything which helps me understand the place for computer engineer in this field. I am primarily looking for things such as; research demands, current state-of-the-art work or concept extrapolation from CE to ML/AI.

Thank you.

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